Welcome to Sustainable, Environmental Membrane Technology (SEMT) Laboratory

Deparment of Environmental Engineering
INHA University, South Korea

Researches in Sustainable, Environmental Membrane Technology Research Laboratory (SEMT) are focusing on fundamental aspects of membrane fouling and applications of membrane technologies to water and wastewater quality control. Membranes are effective tool for the removal of particles, microorganisms and organic matter from water and wastewater. Membrane processes can provide higher quality water, minimize chemical demand, are more compact, provide easier operational control, require less maintenance and generate less sludge than conventional treatment processes. However, the major obstacle of the membrane technology is the accumulation of contaiminants on the membrane surface and/or adsorption of them within the membrane pore matrix that produce "membrane fouling". This phenomena leads to the reduction in permeate effluent from the membrane unit and the need for chemical cleaning or eventually replacement of the membrane. The overall goals of SEMT researches are to quantify and delineate membrane fouling and to propose methods to reduce it.

Specifically, we are interested in

1. Membrane technolgies in subsequent water reuse
2. Rigorous bench-scale investigations of fouling phenomena
3. Fabrication of membranes materials against membrane fouling
4. Combination of nanotechnology with membrane separation technology
5. Development of hybrid membrane systems to mitigate membrane fouling
6. Understanding fate and transport of nanomaterials in environmental systems
7. Identification of foulants in pressure-driven membranes in water and wastewater treatments

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